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St. Brigid's proprietor satisfied with choice to maintain ousting of Joined Individuals of Canada

St. Brigid's proprietor satisfied with choice to maintain ousting of Joined Individuals of Canada

The owner of the congregation, with which a group of Liberty caravan partners have been involved for a very long time, says he is satisfied that a designated authority has favored him and has asked for the congregation to be evicted.

Ontario's preeminent court fairness, Sally Gomery on Friday granted a motion by the owners of St. Brigid's in Lowertown to remove the United Nation of Canada (TUPOC) from the property where they had established a so- saying "consulate". An eviction order was served on the congregation more than a month ago, but they stayed on their heels, guaranteeing the request was "illegal".

Patrick McDonald, asked the court's motion to uphold the congregation's disqualification, saying they failed to make $100,000 installments under a community-restricted offer, owed $10,000 in rent and had violated old policies.

On Friday night, when the board met and left, he told CTV News he was happy with the decision.

"Pleased with the results. It was a great choice and ideally everything is coming to a goal, convincing today," McDonald said.

Gomery also decided that TUPOC would pay $ 53,000 in expenses to the owners of the property within 30 days or less. William Komer, the head of the meeting, says TUPOC intends to pursue the choice. A few people from the congregation should have been visible when they gathered on Friday evening.

McDonald said the occupation by TUPOC has been distressing.

“I feel sorry for the region here that it took so long,” he said. “Plus my own family, of course. It was a scary time... We had heard from some people in the TUPOC group that they would be here forever... I'm glad they got together and left."

St Brigid's Congregation was offered restrictively to the TUPOC group on June 15. Lowertown residents have expressed concern that some members of the congregation were partners in the escort fight that took place in downtown Ottawa for a time in February. McDonald said the reaction to the upcoming new owners has been strange.

"When someone comes in to buy a seat, you don't usually have a quick answer as to who it is," he said. "Things have changed and I think what's happened... is that some of the people I originally knew disappeared from the scene - they were some of his colleagues - and I think things are spiraling out of control, as may be evident.”

McDonald said Friday night that Komer has yet to turn over the keys, but police let him know that Komer is collaborating and removing his holdings from the property.

Ottawa police said in a statement to CTV News Ottawa that responding officers maintained order on the premises while tenants cleared their belongings.

"When this was done, the rightful owner claimed ownership. There are no operation officers at 310 St. Patrick Road today," the sergeant. Jason Brown said in an email.

"Harmony in the area", occupants say

Lower town residents who passed the St. Brigid community on Saturday were delighted to see that TUPOC had left the property.

"These individuals have been rude, harassing, rude ... shooting individuals with water guns is crazy," Sheila Ward said.

"It was a really gross slant and the feeling was greatly amplified locally and we fear it will start in the future."

Stuart MacMillan said the local area did not need individual help during the meeting to be with the congregation.

“We will experience some harmony in the neighborhood for a while. It's perfect,” MacMillan said.

The Congregation of Santa Brigida remains available, with a price of 5.95 million dollars.

"This whole thing has sparked debate about the value of the Santa Brigida congregation and that it may very well be unthinkable for our local environment," said Sylvie Bigras, leader of the Lowertown People affiliate group.

--With recordings from CTV News Jeremie Charron of Ottawa.