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What is the biggest municipal election issue in Ward 5 - West Carleton-March?

Here are their responses to our 2022 local election survey
Here are their responses to our 2022 local election survey  | Image Source:

Fast facts about the West Carleton-March Ward

  • Population: 27,419 (City of Ottawa, 2022 est.)
  • Area: 764.91 square kilometers (City of Ottawa)

Incumbent: Eli El-Chantiry, not running for re-election

Candidates running:

Colin Driscoll, Sasha Duguay, Clarke Kelly, Stephanie Maghnam, Greg Patacairk, Nagmani Sharma and Ian Madill


Do you live in this ward?

  • Colin Driscoll: Did not attend
  • Sasha Duguay: Yes
  • Clarke Kelly: He did not attend
  • Stephanie Maghnam: Yes
  • Greg Patacairk: Yes
  • Nagmani Sharma: He did not participate
  • Ian Madill: Yes

Why do you think you are the best person to represent your squad?

  • Colin Driscoll: Did not attend
  • Sasha Duguay: "I bring both political and business experience. I am raising my family here. As a conservative, wife, small business owner and hobby farmer, I understand the concept of living within our means while ensuring that essential services are maintained.”
  • Clarke Kelly: He did not attend
  • Stephanie Maghnam: “I have an extensive track record of proven commitment to our community and residents. I have represented the region in various volunteer roles over the years. I fought to protect green space by founding Dunrobin Parkette and tackling food shortages. I'm ready to go to work"
  • Greg Patacairk: “I have proven leadership and proven results. Volunteer awards include the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence, the Governor General’s Sovereign’s Medal and the Ottawa Fire Chief’s Commendation Award. My teams won the Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award and the Community Builder of the Year Award from the United Way”
  • Nagmani Sharma: He did not participate
  • Ian Madill: “I believe in loyalty, integrity, honesty and hard work. With these qualities, I will champion policies and programs towards a vibrant, resilient and healthy community that is safe, accessible and supportive of its residents, businesses and the wider countryside.”

What is most important in your church? Why?

  • Colin Driscoll: Did not attend
  • Sasha Duguay: “A common theme I've heard from West Carleton-March residents is that there are many resources devoted to downtown projects, so there is much more to be done for our rural area. I will fight to ensure that our neighbors in West Carleton-March receive their fair share of the budget to maintain and even improve the basic services we all count on and deserve.”
  • Clarke Kelly: He did not attend
  • Stephanie Maghnam: “Prioritizing road maintenance based on the condition of our streets. Our rural roads are in desperate need of maintenance and repair. We need to make sure we prioritize the investment we need in our roads. The infrastructure, maintenance and safety of our existing roads and cycle paths are important. I am committed to wider community consultation on roads as we prioritize safety and accessibility”
  • Greg Patacairk: “Basic services are the bread and butter of the city. For Ward 5 residents, they want the city to excel in these fundamentals. Roads, snow removal and departmental maintenance is simply what most want. Although we have seen many improvements in the department in the last few years in terms of our roads, we know that there are major commuter roads that are getting a lot of abuse, as well as streets that need extra attention due to flood damage. or were poorly designed for the traffic they now take. I am committed to working harder than any other candidate to solve this problem for my constituents.
  • Nagmani Sharma: He did not participate
  • Ian Madill: Posted a few issues, waiting for an updated response

What is the most important city-wide issue?

  • Colin Driscoll: Did not attend
  • Sasha Duguay: “The rising cost of living is becoming a major issue and I am fully aware that we have to live within our means. To achieve this, I will be pushing council and the City of Ottawa auditor to conduct a full review of all programs and services to ensure we are getting full value for our money. We must prioritize our limited tax dollars on essential services”
  • Clarke Kelly: He did not attend
  • Stephanie Maghnam: “Safe and reliable public transport is essential to how we get around as a city. To have world-class public transport, it must be safe for all people, it must be a reliable source of transport and it must be efficient. In order to have this world-class transit for our city, we must establish clear "best practices" for each critical component in the LRT and provide oversight funding to perform the ongoing maintenance necessary to keep these trains operating during their respective lifetimes. span"
  • Greg Patacairk: “Inflation is the biggest challenge for the city and its budget. I am committed to holding the line on taxes, with an increase under 2.5 percent being a reasonable goal for a growing and prosperous city. Having seen our first responders in action during the tornado and floods while volunteering at our church, I know firsthand that the men and women who work for us deserve stability in their paychecks. Rather than cutting wages or staff, as many others may be threatening, I am committed to delaying lower priority city projects to help meet our budget.”
  • Nagmani Sharma: He did not participate
  • Ian Madill: “Fiscal Responsibility. As a council, efforts must be renewed to use our taxpayer dollars to fund critical services and programs important to all members of our community in a responsible and fiscal manner. There needs to be a push to become credible in how funds are spent on all levels of services and projects within the City of Ottawa. Given the recent high-profile issues, now is the opportunity for the new council to take the commitment to fiscal responsibility forward.”