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Death of a Fire Victim Outside the American Embassy in Ottawa

Death of a Fire Victim Outside the American Embassy in Ottawa

Police in Ottawa are looking into a distressing incident that happened outside the American embassy on Tuesday afternoon.

On hearing of a disturbance, police, paramedics, and firefighters were dispatched to the embassy on Sussex Drive in the heart of Ottawa. In a brief statement posted on social media, police claimed that despite efforts to save them, a person who was on fire died from their injuries.

Nothing currently suggests that the incident is connected to the American Embassy, according to Ottawa police's tweet.

The arson unit of the Ottawa police is looking into it.

The fire marshall and the coroner were also involved, but the police said the arson section will handle the probe on Wednesday morning.

RCMP and Ottawa Police Service officers responded to the incident, and traffic in the area was detoured as they conducted an investigation.

No more information was given, and the deceased's identity is unknown.

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