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Sunak closes in as Johnson refuses to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

 BRITAIN - After the previous leader Boris Johnson withdrew from the race for the Conservative Party leadership, Rishi Sunak, a former Treasury executive, is the heavy favorite to become Britain's next prime minister within days or even hours.

In a period of political unrest and significant economic difficulties, the ruling party was selecting Britain's third prime minister this year following Liz Truss' departure last week.

The single contender, Sunak, 42, has more than 100 MPs declare their support, which is required to participate in the election. Fewer people have supported House of Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, but she hopes to pass the cutoff by the time nominations end at 2 p.m.

Sunak closes in as Johnson refuses to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.
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Sunak will be declared the winner by acclamation and might take up residence in 10 Downing Street by Monday night if Mordaunt does not receive 100 nominations.

The 357 Conservative lawmakers will cast an indicative vote on Monday to express their preferences if both make the ballot. If neither later withdraws, the choice will be made by the 172,000 party members across the nation, with the outcome being published on Friday.

If Sunak is the clear favorite among MPs, Mordaunt will face tremendous pressure to resign and refrain from forcing a membership vote.

Grant Shapps, the home secretary and a backer of Sunak, stated that the former Treasury secretary did not believe he had the election "in the bag."

Shapps stated that the candidate was "speaking to colleagues this morning and working very hard to gain those supporters who were perhaps with Boris Johnson earlier." "But look, Penny is a great coworker, so I'll let her handle it. Let's wait and see."

In contrast to the mayhem that engulfed the previous two prime ministers, Sunak, who finished second to Truss in this summer's Tory leadership contest to succeed Johnson, has pledged "purity, professionalism, and accountability" if he forms a government.

Johnson abruptly withdrew from the contest on Sunday night, putting an end to a brief, high-profile quest to reclaim the position of prime minister from which he was dismissed less than three months prior due to ethics problems.

Johnson returned from a Caribbean vacation by plane and spent the weekend attempting to win over fellow Conservative legislators. He claimed late Sunday to have the support of 102 coworkers. He conceded that "you can't lead effectively until you have a cohesive party in Parliament," but he was well behind Sunak in terms of support.

Johnson's potential comeback had further polarised the Conservative Party, which was already fractured. Although he guided the party to a resounding electoral win in 2019, his premiership was marred by ethical and financial scandals that ultimately proved to be too much for the party to endure.

In his Sunday statement, Johnson insisted he was "well placed to deliver a Conservative victory" within the next national election, due by 2024. And he aforesaid that he doubtless would have won a ballot of political party members against either of his rivals.

"But in the course of the last days I even have sadly returned to the conclusion that this could merely not be the proper issue to do," he said.

He hinted he can be back, however, saying: "I believe I have a lot of to supply however I'm afraid that this can be simply not the right time."

Truss quit Th once a turbulent forty-five days in office, an acquiescence that she couldn't deliver on her bungled tax-cutting economic package, which she was forced to abandon once it sparked fury inside her party and weeks of turmoil in monetary markets.

Sunak, who was Treasury chief from 2020 till this summer, steered Britain's slumping economy through the coronavirus pandemic. He quit in July in protest at Johnson's leadership.

The political party turmoil is fuelling demands for a national election. below Britain's parliamentary system, there doesn't have to be compelled to be one until the tip of 2024, although the govt. has the ability to decide sooner.

Currently, that looks unlikely. Opinion polls say the Associate in Nursing election would spell disaster for the Conservatives, with the left-of-center Labor winning an outsized majority.